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Modular cathodic protection device

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The modular cathodic protection device (MCPD), hereinafter "module", is built for one or two transformer substations and is designed for converting an input voltage of 6-10 kV AC 50 Hz to the voltage required to power the converters (cathodic protection stations) in order to provide electrochemical (cathodic) protection of pipelines and other underground structures against corrosion. Functionally, the module can either be detached or docked with the power unit.

Modular cathodic protection device
Appearance of the module assembly

The module is an insulated metal structure reinforced to protect against unauthorized entry (in addition to a lock on the entrance door, there are two additional locking devices). Functionally the module is divided with metal partitions into a high voltage compartment (transformer, fuse, and limiter) and a control compartment with a distribution cabinet. The module does not contain oil-filled equipment.

Optional mounting plates are available for additional attachments. The module's control compartment is free from equipment in order to provide maintenance staff with a comfortable work environment. The module is fully automated and is designed to work without the constant presence of maintenance staff.

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