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Parameters of electrochemical protection

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EFS MMP monitoring and measuring points are designed to control (regulate) the parameters of electrochemical protection (ECP) and to mark the pipeline routes.

ECPDesign advantages:

  • Functionality
  • Ease of operation
  • Reliability of design - the rack has reinforced corners (rack fracture resistance not less than 2.5 kN, despite the low weight up to 18 kg.)
  • The terminal design does not require further steps to prepare the cables and wires for connection
  • Various units and ECP equipment may be placed in the rack, which in its turn improves the safety and reliability of the additional equipment
  • The rack material is not shielded (which allows corrosion monitoring equipment and transceiver equipment to be placed inside the rack without exterior antennas)
  • Informativeness of the EFS MMP; durable labeling of information
  • Vandal proof
  • EFS MMP rack material is not flammable
  • Reliable and stable operation under the following climatic conditions:
    • The highest value of the ambient temperature + 45°С;
    • The lowest value of the ambient temperature 45°С;
  • Ingress protection rating IP 34

The EFS MMP is highly informative, all sides of the rack have information and warning labels, as well as information about the pipeline owner (operating organization). All labels, logos, symbols are applied to the product in the factory, so as to prevent their destruction or damage.

Silk screen printing is utilized, which allows a variety of labels and logos to be prevented in the shortest possible time.

Paint coatings are applied to no more than 2 points on the rack surface. The information labels have at least a 10 year service life.


Monitoring and measuring points can be equipped with additional corrosion protection system devices (joint protection units, management units, monitoring units, etc.), kilometer markers (route pointers), spare tools and accessories (spare parts), and other devices that increase the functionality of the test points.


Types of manufactured EFS MMP:

  • Type 1 ∆ 180 mm;
  • Type 2 □ 200 mm;
  • Type 3 - □ 200 mm (with a hinged top);
  • Type 4 for installation on ground surface pipelines;
  • Type 5 for use in industrial and technological sites, in urban environments, the Carpet MMP.

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