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Magnesium protectors

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One of the areas of the company's operations is the production of MPM protectors, per TU 3435-003-57060080-2008.


Energofinstroy LLC specialists together with the VNIIST Institute developed and conducted a number of studies and tests and to create a new magnesium alloy for the production of modified magnesium anodes, which are used in the field of cathodic protection of pipelines.

Energofinstroy LLC has reviewed the technical conditions and technological requirements for the production of cathodic protectors. During the tests of alloy samples, there was improved performance in the stability of the base potential of the modified magnesium alloys, and the polarizability of modified magnesium alloys for MPM, for current output, and for efficiency. Comparative metallographic analysis showed that the MPM alloy produced by Energofinstroy LLC has a number of advantages over its competitors.

Product line:

  • Modified MPM-K-10-(U), MPM-K-20-(U), MPM-T-10-(U), and MPM-T-20-(U) type magnesium protectors, for the protection of pipelines (where (U) means packed in coke-mineral activator).
  • MPMR-20 magnesium disk-shaped cover protectors for reservoirs.

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