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Elastomer anodic grounding electrodes (ELGAZ®)

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Elastomer anodic grounding electrodes (ELGAZ®) are low-solubility conductive elastomer electrodes that are intended for use in anodic grounding of cathodic protection units to shield against corrosion of metal and reinforced concrete structures that are in contact with soil, river and sea water or other electrolytic environments.

The most effective areas for using ELGAZ® (ELGAZ-K ®) series anodic ground electrodes is in cathodic protection systems shielding against underground, river, and marine corrosion, namely:

  • branched communication lines of compressor, gas distribution, oil-pumping stations, combined heat and power stations and any type of factory facilities;
  • multiline systems of main pipelines;
  • in main pipelines with any electrical resistivity and in highly inhomogeneous soils (in terms of electrical resistivity).

Uneven current distribution within a given zone of protection - no more than 10%.

The efficiency of the protection system is 85–90%.

Table 1. Main technical specifications of ground electrode

Parameter name



Ground electrode length, m


max 200,0

Ground electrode diameter, mm



Ground electrode weight, kg/m, not less than

Carbon black weight, kg/m, not less than




Graded linear current density, A/m



*Intrinsic phase coefficient of current, 1/m


Anodic dissolution rate, kg/(A*year), not more than


Expected lifetime of ground electrode , years, not less


* - calculated parameter

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